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As parents, life has become so hectic and stressful  that we fail to truly listen to others-especially to those who are closer to us-Our children. Our tensions, worries and thought process keeps us so engrossed that we don’t try to actually listen to the tone, inflection, feelings & the body language of the child, when he/she comes up with a problem. We are so eager to put our own point across that we interrupt our children with our ideas and completely ignore their thoughts and feelings.

In this process we are teaching them not to trust their own perception but rely on ours instead. We forget that we are two separate identities capable of having two different sets of feelings. Neither of us can be right or wrong. We each feet what we feel.

It is very important that the parents not only master the art of listening but also express themselves clearly in the language that the child understands and can comprehend. We should always keep the child’s feelings in mind while taking .The impression of our words can create a great harm to their thought process. Effective communication is the line of strong parent- child relationship. Use encouraging words that communicate love and respect and remember the use more of “Do” rather than” DONT” to build a strong bridge between you and your children.

The D.A.V Management joins me in congratulating the parents on the successful completion of their wards session in the school. I appreciate the parent’s active participation in the parents- teacher meet, interactive sessions, wherein important issues related to the child’s academic performance, personality development was discussed.

Mrs. Jeevan Jyoti Sharma

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